Friday, 10 January 2020

Pastis - Circles

Helsinki five piece, Pastis, bring up memories of Brit Pop with their debut album, Circles. Well certainly Brit as they sound so anglophile. When you listen to the opener, Around Here, you get the impression that this will be a straight ahead Rock affair. The rest reveals it to not be that in the slightest.

The production is big, the melody is strong, but at times the album feels more Beat, a little 60's, even bordering on Psych Pop. The King And The Good Hangman is absolutely superb Psych Pop as good as any of the main current protagonists could offer up.

There is such variety across all 11 songs that it's hard to know where to begin. Curry and TV is classic UK Beat and Got A Light could be The Searchers. Then there is the driving organ on Amazon that is just spot on.

Valour Valour is classic 70's McCartney Pop Rock, the sort of thing you'd hear as a closer on a Brit Pop album, it is another corking song. Sheepskin Girl is Glasgow C86 and Disco Volante could be Garage Beat if it were not for the great lyrics.

There is even the big closer which is all West Coast Hippy Trippy and then merges into a big Glam Rock chorus. There is so much variety here, something for everyone. It doesn't all work. Barrack Street is a bit misconceived Cod Reggae, but the rest is fantastic.

Every now and then, an album comes out of the woodwork that just leaves you gobsmacked. This is one. It's a storming 36 minute romp. Thank goodness in these days of auto tune and Bass overload that there are bands who can make an album as fantastic as this. Highly Recommended!

The album is available on Spotify. The CD is available here and the Vinyl here.


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