Thursday, 9 January 2020

Welcome To 2020

I'm not one for New Year Resolutions. If you can change, change now, no need to wait until the first of January. I am one for pontificating and has 2020 gets underway, the indications music wise are that it's got a lot of promise. As I compile the IDHAS Best Of 2019 over the weekend, that will signal the end of the year gone by. I'm not one for looking back and I do hope that we can get some change amongst Music players, writers and listeners.

I'd like to see the end of the dismissal of the download only album as not being a proper album. Of course it is, to suggest otherwise is ridiculous. If a reviewer reviews physical media only, that is all well and good, it is their choice. However if they dismiss download only releases as somehow not being legitimate releases, that is complete tosh. Like it or not, Digital is a format. You don't have to be able to put it on a shelf. You still own a download as much as some like to dismiss it.

I'd like to see Reviewers listen to the albums they review. Quality rather than quantity. Too many reviewers produce cut and pastes of PR Sheets. I know, because I get the same PR. The readers know because they see the same review virtually dozens of times. Listen to the whole album, not just the first three songs. I get lots of comments thanking me for listening and getting the album. I shouldn't get any, because surely all reviewers should listen to it. They may not get it, they may not be able to express themselves as well as others, but at least they listened to the album.

The other problem is writers who make every review a way to talk about themselves. They know who they are, you know who they are. Every review becomes a chance to talk about what they do, how good they are. That is not a review, that is an ego stroking exercise on behalf of yourself. OK We know what you were doing in 1982 now, we know what gigs you are organising this year, we can see the size of your music collection, but what about the music you are reviewing. What do you think of it? What else has the artist done? Where can we get it? You don't tell us, yet we know you were bullied at school or that people ignore you. Stop talking about yourself!

Finally, I'd like 2020 to be a celebration of the Ladies on the music scene. I thought long and hard about including my final point. I did not want to appear to be a Right On Liberal, although I probably am, nor to be condescending. But music is so male dominated that it is laughable. Guitar Pop or Rock may probably always be a largely male purchase. But amongst our scene there is such a dreadful "I Hear What You Say Love But....." attitude. I know Labels that are run jointly by a male and a female, it is always the male who is referred to or addressed.

I don't need to name the names of the female trailblazers, but if you look carefully they are here and they are fantastic at what they do, but they rarely get a mention. One I know seems to be involved in everything great that is coming out of her West Coast area. A label I know is largely run by the lady, yet she never gets a mention. In the UK, we have at least three fantastic female DJ's and I'm about to join a Radio Station that is female run. Some of the best writing that I read is composed by .............. yes you've guessed it.

That's my point of view put out there. Back to the music. Don't Touch that dial!


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