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Friday 4 December 2020

Dave Caruso - Radiophonic Supersonic


I like Dave Caruso a lot. His wonderful series of audio interviews, Songwriter Stories, is an essential listen. His subjects fit in beautifully with were IDHAS influences came from and as a musician, he asks questions that you wouldn't hear elsewhere. No what is your favourite colour or how great are you's are present. The questions come from unusual angles. You can listen to the show here

More importantly, he is one of life's nice guys. We share similar musical tastes, but also the same sense of humour and outlook on life. Having said all of this, it should not be forgotten that Dave is a musician, both as teacher and performer. So it seems a perfect time to review Radiophonic Supersonic, Caruso's latest album, out today.

I knew it would be a great Pop Rock album, but more than that, the influences are widely spread. Compare the Philly / Motown sound of Indelible to the big 80's AOR vibe of Tuesday's Gone and you get the gist. 

Caruso's gentle vocal generally lends itself to the laidback, he certainly won't ever scream out, but that doesn't stop the Pop ringing through. Catchy verses are linked to memorable choruses, never more so on I Won't Wait For You.

Heaven Minus Love is a great 70's Singer Songwriter on the keys ballad, whilst Atomic Smile verges on Bossa Nova, it is certainly a lounge shuffle. Throwing Out My Baby With The Bassinet is a great closer, a real 20's / 30's Ragtime joy.

For all this variety, the home runs are when the catchy Pop rings out. A Piece Of The Action is great US Pop Rock and the outstanding Little Miss Sunshine is a beauty of a song. It is very California Harmonic Pop with little hints of Toytown. All in all Radiophonic Supersonic is a more than great listen.

You can listen to and buy the album here.


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