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Thursday, 31 December 2020

The Jomo - Happy Little Accidents


I believe that my remit is to listen to new releases from artists and then tell you about ones I like. I will embed a few songs and direct you to the album where you can listen to it and hopefully get your purse out. It is hard to that with The Jomo, because I can find little out about the album and it is seemingly only available on the likes of Spotify and Amazon Music.

I avoid streaming sites for reasons that I mention too often, so I'm telling you about this corker of an album and then directing you to those streaming links where you can listen to the album, because there is one certainty and that is that this album deserves to be heard.

Happy Little Accidents is in essence a lockdown Indie Rock album, it is very Brit sounding, but wanders across the decades with no abandon. At times you hear 60's Beat, 70's Big Rock, 80's C86, Brit Pop and much more. Fixer for instance could be Manc Baggy or Primal Scream.

My Friend Jeff is corckernee New Wave or maybe sleaze shouty hosting. Too Old To Make It goes all US cock rock and yet the superb, Morecambe Bay is very late 60's and the organ run is really spacey, before launching into a sing (shout) along Glam Rock chorus.

Popstar is even more Glam Rock, so much so that I had to put my flares on. Yet it still has New Wave hints. Woman In White is almost like an Ozzy ballad. You Know I Need You is very tune in man and a great closer.

There are so many roads taken here, all of them top notch. My only grumble is that Happy Little Accidents needs to be everywhere. I wish it was available to buy and easier to promote. This is a fascinating album, very different to much that is around at present. Now imagine if this lockdown album had been the usual earnest Acoustic Strumming and then be thankful it isn't.

You can listen to the album on Spotify here and Amazon Music here.


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