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Monday, 14 December 2020

Wiretree - Careless Creatures EP


Usually we would cover EP's as part of our Extended Play columns, but we make a special exception for this. Austin Texas's Wiretree continue the excellent  progress thus far with this Five Track affair. Every song of the five is different, which as well as meriting stand alone inclusion, shows off the versatility of  Kevin Peroni.

This is a solo affair, not that you can necessarily tell. It acts almost as a sampler of what Peroni can do. All The Girls is a West Coast laid back joy followed by Back To The Start which is almost Time Era, Jeff Lynne to a tee.

Nightlight is wonderfully twee 80's Electronic Pop, reminiscent of those 80's synth pop duos. You can imagine it being on the soundtrack of a mid 80's Teen film. Out Of Control is splendid UK tinted Dream Pop, think Glasgow in the second half of the 80's.

The closer Lovers Broken goes all moody schmoozy heartbroken ballad, delivered beautifully and is again very 80's,, a broadcast in rotation on MTV sort of thing. Five great songs that showcase Wiretree well eithout ever giving away what has gone before. 

You can listen to and buy the EP here.


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