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Sunday, 22 May 2022

Anton Barbeau - Power Pop!!!


You never quite know what direction Anton Barbeau is going to take. It is part of the enjoyment, because he is never ever less interesting. I also think, in a similar way to Ian Hunter, people either like his vocals or don't. It has never held either back.

Power Pop is one of Barbeau's most accessible albums of recent times. The songs ring out with melody. It contains some fine songwriting and great choruses. I don't think its Power Pop, but is is a splendid Pop album, lyrically strong with memorable hooks.

The Sound is wonderful Psych, maybe even Psych that you can dance to and The Drugs even ventures into McCartney Pop. Free is really funky and maybe a bit Kraftwerk. Running On The Edge Of The Night could easily be on the Miami Vice soundtrack. It is very very 80s.

Whisper In The Wind sounds like Vince Clark is playing on it and Rain Rain has a real New Romantic Synth duo vibe. Valerie's Waiting is a super offering, built around a big synth riff, it is melancholic and mesmerising.

The title track is the best song on show, a song that is out of kilter on what is a very synth led album. That may disappoint fans of Barbeau's that like him plugging in his guitar. But the man has never stood still and this is the first Julian Cope Tribute that I've heard as a song. It is a great guitar solo too.

I'm not that fond of the short interludes on the album, they tend to confuse rather than break the album up. I am however a fan of the additional vocals from Rosie Abbott that add lots to what is a really inventive affair.

You can listen to and buy the album here.


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