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Wednesday, 25 May 2022

Bedroom Eyes - Sisyphus Rock


The previous two Bedroom Eyes albums have been fine listens, but neither would prepare you for this third offering. Jonas Jonsson's previous work was more restrained and atmospheric. This is raucous in comparison, very much a more livelier affair.

Sisyphus Rock is full blown melodic Indie Guitar Pop. A little too loose for Power Pop, but with a lot of the hallmarks of that genre, big riffs, killer choruses and foot tapping joy. Jonsson's voice is wonderfully gentle, a little bit folky, a little bit Tim Booth, a little bit Ian Broudie.

Indeed, a lot of the arrangements are Lightning Seeds reminiscent, as is the pace and memorable chorus led songs. Only One Of Those Things nods towards adventures past, the other songs are much livelier and incredibly upbeat.

The Dark Between The Stars could be a stand alone single that two decades ago would have graced any Top 10. There's a lot present in the close on five minutes, but the riff holds everything together with an almost Al Stewart vocal.

Streaming My Consciousness could be a cheered up Mew and Sisyfuzz quickens the pace considerable and provides yet another top notch chorus and Store Bla is a much more modern beast that throws the kitchen sink at the big hooks present.

There's even a song about Paul Westerberg, but the best is saved until last. You'll have heard Here Comes Godot on the recent IDHAS10 Song Mix. It is a fantastic Power Pop song that underlines what a blast that genre is when done right. Absolutely Highly Recommended Swedish excellence!

You can listen to and buy the album here.


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