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Saturday, 14 May 2022

Man Behind Tree - 3


I absolutely love what Subjangle do. Great Promoters of the new, provider of the best weekly update of the new with the essential "Beat The Delete" and a label that puts its money where its mouth is. Darrin and I get on infamously, we share similar attitudes, love music and both manage a warped sense of humour that makes us laugh out loud at each other's snarks.

Musically, we are a little different, we share a massive fondness for Melodic Pop, but where as Darrin moves more towards Dream Pop, I move towards the likes of Psych Pop. Like A Venn Diagram, the middle converging circle is where the best of both directions meet and contains the most interesting stuff you will ever hear.

Man Behind Tree inhabit that middle circle. The German quartet are a splendid listen, Guitar Pop at its very best. With all four members taking vocals, the variety is heightened, although you sense that they are happiest performing West Coast Pop and it is here that they excel most.

Japanese Mopeds, for instance, is as close to modern day Teenage Fanclub that you believe it is the Glaswegians. TFC comparisons can be incredibly lazy, but this song is worthy of that likeness. 99 takes that West Coast comparison further, with some great vocal interplay with a killer Jangle that ventures towards Psych Pop.

Can't Stop Drinking has a mesmeric riff, a little bluesy and a complete contrast to the gentle vocal. Don't Lose Grip even sounds more like late 60s Beach Pop and Moonshiner could be C86, all moody and magnificent.

Better Now You Got It is another example of the superb vocal harmonies present through out and is a Power Pop song that is desperate to get out, but never quite manages it. California Zephyr goes further and is splendid Power Pop.

Then there is the magnificent five minutes that is Picture Your Old Friends. A moody meandering joy that contains the best of what the band do. Built around a Merseybeat riff until a much darker solo takes the song into a weeping Guitar led close. Highly Recommended!

You can listen to and buy the album here.


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  1. Thanks Don...I like/agree with the venn diagram analogy! I off to listen to my "dream-pop" (LOL!)