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Sunday 1 May 2022

Red Hot Shame - My Satellite


Xeff Scolari's Red Hot Shame is an absolute stormer of an album. Pop Rock of the highest quality with an emphasis a little more towards Rock, but with more than a nod towards the more inventive side of Indie. Add in a twist of Psych Pop and a Science Fiction Space feel and you have a top notch affair.

Scolari gathers frequent collaborators that take the album in many directions in which the sheer inventiveness never loses sight of the melody. My Satellite doesn't sound like a North Carolina album in the way you think of Sun and an emphasis on the laidback life. 

It is hard to make comparisons to other bands, but there is a resemblance to Porcupine Tree and Steven Wilson's solo work in particular, especially when the album ventures into Prog, The chord changes are amazing and unexpected at times and these just enhance the album.

My Shuttle is the most straight ahead Guitar Rock, song built on an Acoustic base, but Solitude is like a Muse slower number without all the bombastic nonsense. Synchronizing rocks your socks off, yet Exact goes all chirpy street Indie.

You can even clap along to Come On, Rocket and the mouth organ just makes you admire the song more. Little Moon is virtually Americana, but My Satellite could be Ian Anderson fronting Radiohead. X.Eve takes a little while to get going, but what a song it is! Pop Rock excellence with a killer riff.

It is those riffs that grab you most. This type of album is usually more about the solos and the atmosphere than riffs, but here they grab you with their unusualness and become earworms. My Satellite is a great listen.

You can listen to and buy the album here.


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