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Sunday, 26 July 2020

Beans - All Together Now

Having released their excellent 2018 debut album, Babble, under the name Baked Beans, the Baked is dispensed with for the follow up, again released on King Gizzard's Flightless label. Hailing from Geelong in Australia, this five piece are a different kettle of fish to their label owners.

Beans specialise in what could be termed as the Excess Rock of the 70s. Although you can hear Psych Rock of King Gizzard the odd time, these five are very much in different territory. The Psych is almost Psych Lite. It's present, but in a far more rounded setting. The Guitar leads want to take you there, but the arrangements and vocals lead you into a more commercial arena.

Melt is the nearest that Beans come to King Gizzard, they seem more at home in Classic Rock and there's a wonderful feel of Glam. There's a hint of Jon Lord's Deep Purple runs in the keyboard runs and at times, the songs are in tune with Sweet's much lauded Glam Single B Sides.

The compositions are certainly a little over the top in an almost 70's Prog manner, but they are joyous and totally infectious. So much so that their appeal could be enormous, gathering all the mentioned genres following would be the aim.

A song like Repeat is fully Pomp Rock, but with a  vocal that could be Marc Bolan. Aint It is built on a corker of a riff, Blue Oyster Cult like and it is BOC that they remind me most of. Montgomery is a wonderful Pop Rock opener, a crackerjack of a song. Beans are too good to ignore.

Stride is probably the stand out with its full on Glam Rock vibe, even the call and response harmonies are spot on. Special mention too to the Organ fest closer that is Lay It Out. I fully expect them to have all bean wearing capes whilst recording that. All Together is an absolute joy, a glorious romp. It is enormous fun. I recommend it to you all.

You can listen to and buy the album here.


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