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Monday, 13 July 2020

The Luka State - Room's On Fire

The Luka State are getting a fair bit of attention lately on the back of some timely single releases. It is more than welcome as the UK still feels a bit of a musical wasteland at present. Brexit and Covid has added to what was already far too regional and there is still a battle with the guitar is dead brigade.

So it's refreshing to hear a guitar band sounding vibrant and confident. The quartet are from Winsford, not too far from my neck of the woods. Not a lot goes on in Winsford, ditto Burtonwood, but the towns are close enough to cities where things do.

It's not that Room's On Fire offers up anything startlingly original, why does it need to? But what it does provide are melodic singalong anthems to admire with a pace and gusto that makes you almost shake your fist. The album rarely comes up for air.

The feel is somewhere between Brit Pop and Stadium Rock. At times, there is a Stereophonics feel, particularly on What's My Problem, but this is without the cat sat on the mat lyrics. Don't expect any ballads here. The album may be a bit short at 25 minutes, but there is plenty to get you going.

There's a bit of a sneer to Conrad Ellis's vocals, but it's not a Gallagher cartoon sneer, he's quite a front man. The title track is a fine opener and neatly sums up what the band are about and "(Insert Girls Name Here) is the standout, anthemic to an almost Futureheads rhythm track.

There is plenty here to admire and it is splendid to hear something as celebratory guitar ringing out of speakers, particularly from an English band. Room's On Fire is great and more than worth your attention and pound coins.

You can listen to and buy the album everywhere.


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