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Sunday, 26 July 2020

The Honeydrips - Here Comes The Sun

The Honeydrips may seems a strange choice for I Don't Hear A Single To review. Swede, Mikael Carlsson is more noted for Electronic Pop and The Honeydrips is his one man project. But, Fear Ye Not, Here Comes The Sun is a great Pop album.

Sleep The Day Away and Penny Dreadful may not change your mind. Both are very much Electronic, nevertheless enchanting. But look deeper and you can hear songs like Linda Says in which Carlsson comes across far more in Per Gessle Territory at times.

Fatima Says (Reprise) is hypnotic in a Made In Sheffield way and Loyal Alibi comes across all Laurel Canyon, even Bacharach like, Here Comes The Sun has two versions. The opener is great Sunshine Pop. That's balanced by the closing second version which is a beat driven Ibiza anthem.

This album won't be for everyone. I wouldn't expect it to be. But I feel that a listener's ears should be forever open. Everything popular with da kidz isn't tosh and I Don't Hear A Single left the Power Pop Reputation behind long ago.

You can listen to and buy the album here.


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