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Wednesday, 20 December 2017

Pale Lights - The Stars Seemed Brighter

Pale Lights are from Brooklyn and The Stars Seemed Brighter is released on a German label, so you'd not expect this to be vintage C86, but it is so. As the album cover suggests, the band are very Kitchen Sink.

The sound is straight out of Mid Eighties Glasgow and Philip Sutton's vocals are a sort of chipper Lloyd Cole. Having watched The Go-Betweens Documentary at the weekend, there are real similarities here, certainly in the song structures.

The strums are simple, a sunshine riff is hit and stuck with, all seems pleasantly wonderful in the Pale Lights garden. Suzanne Nienaber's accompanying vocals sweeten the songs, but you still expect to see Edwyn Collins name somewhere.

Pale Lights know the sound and feel that they want and they do it incredibly well. There are not many bands making this type of album these days and I'm not sure why not. It's all chirpy and bright and breezy. An excellent 31 minute listen that flies by. This is Jangle Pop of the highest order.

You can listen to and buy the album here.

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