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Monday, 18 December 2017

Bill Lloyd - It's All Happening Now

I'm a long time Bill Lloyd fan, through both his Country and Power Pop phases, he never fails to connect with my ears. I reviewed his Lloyd-ering here and now we have his first new album in five years.

It's All Happening Now is an Acoustic album, but don't be fooled into thinking that's dull, because Lloyd could never be that. Happiness is wonderfully arranged, all Bacharach like and many of the songs you can imagine jangled or poor popped up, particularly I'm In Your Airport.

There's Acoustic Jangle aplenty on Let Me In Your Life Again, which is very Tom Petty. Ruby Falls could be Johnny Cash, Me Against Me is Lounge Jazz. Up In The Air plugs in and offers up a wonderful strum along.

As ever, the lyrical excellence is ever present in all, particularly the Americana and Folk Pop and Where Nobody Cares At All is an absolute gem, a chirpy diatribe. With 20 songs here, there is fantastic value for money. Bill Lloyd smashes it again, why am I not surprised?

You can buy the album for download everywhere and on CD here.

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