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Wednesday, 20 December 2017

Kids On Neptune - Homeland

In our universe, this week would appear to be Italian Week. I'm loving the album by Bongley Dead and also this, the Kids Of Neptune debut album. Hailing from Forli in Italy, this three piece are heavy, Power Pop it is not.

Although lumped in with the Punks, again!!!, Homeland is nothing like that label. Rhythms similar to Muse that are welcome without the Guitar histrionics, the better end of Grunge and a delightful edge towards Psych about sums them up.

2:20's Guitar solo could be Peter Green and that's the beauty of the trio. You are never quite sure which direction they will take. Polish State Of Mind is pure Garage Rock and really good at it. Yet at times, there is a feel of Rush's Vapor Trails adventures.

Then there's the meandering Nothing But No One which is all mid 80's moodiness. She Will Keep Us Alive is all fuzzed up late 60's noise. The closer, Homeland is 8 minutes of Psyched Up Pearl Jam, another surprise, the second half of it is all Fuzz and acid Guitar. A great closer!

This is a wonderful debut album, nothing like you would imagine. The fact that English is their second language adds to the Kudos. Homeland is unlike a lot of the delights that we celebrate on here,

It's rhythmic and incredibly fabulously noisy, it hits grooves, but never for too long. You can listen to and buy the album here.

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