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Friday 8 December 2017

Album Of The Year Radio Special

There are lots of plans for the rest of the year here and the regular Radio show is all mapped out. However this is your chance to participate in a Special and stamp your thoughts on it. Normally when Participation is encouraged, people run and hide or have to wash their hair. So if there isn't the input, we'll just not do this.

As you will be aware, I am doing an end of year Chart for the first time ever. However, there is an extra opportunity to choose 14 or 15 albums that are recommended by you. One per person, noting what your Album Of The Year Is.

You have to do a little something, apart from to obviously tell me your choice. You have to record a 30 - 60 Second Intro (you can do this on your phone) and email or send a message to me with your sound file.

I will then put out a Radio Special which features your intro and a track from the album. This is just a way of you being able to express an interest and participate. If we don't get enough suggestions, then we won't do it. If we get too many then I'll select the 15.

I hope plenty of you are up for it. Deadline for Submissions will be Sunday 17 December. Show you care about the artists you love!


  1. I'm up for this. Does the intro need to contain the music? Or just words? No blue language I'm assuming? :-)

    1. no blue language?..................i`m out................ ;OD

  2. Oh, and do you want our names and geographic locations? Or leave it anonymous? Can we use our handles?

  3. Erm... would we be disqualified for nominating an album we put out on our own label? I mean, we have other contenders but rather obviously we're rather fond of a record we went to the trouble of releasing!

  4. Fine with either Shriner. Best not to swear, although it's not my rule