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Friday, 22 December 2017

The Moms - Doing Asbestos We Can

New Jersey's The Mom's are another band that tear up the Punk label, although the genre isn't exactly sure what it is these days. The trio consisting of Joey Nester and brothers, Jon and Matt Stolpe are loud and raw, but they have been rawer.

The new album is a type of melodic Garage Rock, but previous work shows the journey here. From the noise of Buy American to the hooks here may seem a jump, but the melody has always been there, it's just that the hooks have successfully been brought to the fore.

Nester's vocals are suitably shouty, which at times can make the songs feel a bit in Pogues or New York Dolls territory, but those riffs keep everything poptastic and a song like Paper could be prime time Brit Pop.

If Truth Were A Vessel is all Modern Lovers, and there are hints of Grunge at pertinent times, in particular Dinosaur Jr. Yet there are hints to the band's past, When We're Older could be a Green Day slowdown until it's glorious New Wave Power Pop chorus.

The real plus point of Doing Asbestos We Can though is how it charmingly grabs you by the nuts. No more so than the opener, Good Job. 14 songs in 38 minutes fly by. Yes it's noisy, at times a bit shambolic, but gloriously so. There's even Brass on Fortunate Former.

The Moms have fashioned up a corker of an album, all sing along and fist pumping. It's a joy to listen to these efforts to bring Garage Rock to the masses.  Being on The Bar/None Label is also a great place to be. You can buy the album here and everywhere. You should.

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