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Sunday, 24 December 2017

I Don't Hear A Single Radio Xmas Special Volume 1 - The New

The first of two I Don't Hear A Single Radio Specials celebrating the joy of Christmas. Featured here are artists that you'd expect to read about on IDHAS. 21 songs by artists you should already know about and if you don't, you can start to rectify the situation.

These two volumes are exclusive to Mixcloud. The first celebrates the new and more recent offerings. Volume 2 will cover the past. You can listen to the first here  

Here's the playlist :

01 Cheap Trick - Merry Christmas Darlings
02 Somerdale - Merry Christmas Time
03 The Beatophonics - A Very Merry Christmas
04 Michael Carpenter - Another Xmas Song
05 The Nines - Believe In Christmas
06 Lisa Mychols - Wake Up Christmas!
07 The Connection - West Coast
08 Butch Young - Heartbreak Christmas
09 The Slingsby Hornets - Skiing In The Snow
10 Rob Clarke And The Wooltones - Entente Cordiale
11 Magic Eight Ball - I Just Love You More At Christmas
12 Sloan - December 25
13 The Weeklings - Christmas Time is Here Again
14 The Ragamuffins - All I Want For Christmas Is You
15 Beaulieu Porch - The Second Simon Christmas
16 The Minus 5 - New Christmas Hymn
17 Mark Crozer - Next Christmas
18 Hanson - Finally It's Christmas
19 Eric Voeks - Christmas Singles
20 Ronnie D'Addario - Brand New Christmas (Remix)
21 The Bordellos - Happy Christmas (Alan McGee Is An Arse)

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