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Wednesday, 15 April 2020

Sunbourne Rd - Teenage Lyrics

Alex Siodmak is from Casale Monferrato in Northern Italy and with the assistance of friends, Davide Ghione, Sebastiano D'Alessandro and Riccardo Marchese, he is Sunbourne Rd. Teenage Lyrics rounds up eight singles released between 2014 and 2017 and it is an exceptional listen.

Firstly, this feels like a proper album, forget about them being eight singles. There is a real coordinated feel to the whole affair and which band wouldn't want to release an album that had potentially 8 singles on it.

Teenage Lyrics is fantastic Pop Rock. I played Different Light on a recent IDHAS Audio Extravaganza and it was the song that got the most attention by far. It is outstanding McCartney Pop and just a taster of how great this collection is.

This feels very much like a Now That's What I Call 70s Pop Rock. Baby! Baby! Baby! is heyday Glam Rock, Irene fools you with its lo-fi strummed beginning which rips into Classic Rock joy with some lovely twee keyboard runs.

A Joke In The Can is a corker of a song, think Jigsaw or Liverpool Express with a Psych Twist and that too breaks out into an Anthem. Scars is great UK New Wave Pop and Last Time could be the Bay City Rollers. Long Lost Afternoon reminds me a lot of The Explorers Club.

Teenage Lyrics really is a magnificent affair. Great Pop Rock is hard to find these days, well you can find it here. Sunbourne Rd have also released a new Five Track EP, Urizen which you can listen to and buy here. I can't recommend both more highly. Well done Alex!

You can listen to Teenage Lyrics here. You can stream and buy the album at any of these links here.


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