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Friday, 8 May 2020

For Them All - Sometimes I Don't Feel Like Myself

Sometimes I Don't Feel Like Myself is an album that I usually wouldn't cover. Not because of its quality, because it is packed with it, it is just a tad more Mainstream Rock than my normal tastes. However after a couple of listens, I was hooked and I like it even more on repeated plays.

German Trio, For Them All reside somewhere between Indie and Alt Rock, but where as that area can get a bit shouty, there isn't a bit of that here. The choruses are big and the playing is focused. In fact the band come across as a real Power Trio, delightfully so.

I wasn't surprised to learn that the instrumental tracks were recorded first and the vocals and mix recorded at a different studio later. It isn't because the album sounds disjointed, quite the reverse, its just that the chemistry between the three instrumentally is splendid. There appears to be a real bond.

There is the odd nod to Grunge, but the album is best when it stretches away from that. There's a Thin Lizzy feel on Body and Room 33, probably the album's best song, is pure College Rock. Petrichor is a fine example of moody Noise Rock.

At times, For Them All do sound a bit Jimmy Eat World, no bad thing, most relevant on the riff heavy, Lucy I'm Lost. The band seem happiest when a song rattles along and that's what makes this album so enjoyable. This was a welcome surprise. I love it!

You can listen to and buy the album here.


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