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Wednesday, 6 May 2020

Starter Jackets - Fucked It Up for Everyone EP

I could easily revive two long standing points of view of what is and isn't Power Pop and that Pop Punk bands get a really unfair rap, but why should I? This EP has everything you could need for a splendid listen, so no need to argue or confirm prejudices, just Enjoy.

We also have another example of a fine band from Dayton Ohio. Starter Jackets are a quartet with two writers, both who get two songs each on this EP and both who take the lead vocal on their songs. This not only helps the variety, but also underlines the talent.

Lanny Durbin's songs are much more in Power Pop territory and fantastically so. Bad Application has already been played on a recent IDHAS Audio Extravaganza and is probably the stand out song of the four. This is accompanied by Foreign Bodies which is a real riff-a-thon.

Luke McNeill's two songs have more in common with melodic Garage Punk, particularly The Ramones. Dark Days is a great romp. The mix here of UK New Wave and New York noise blends superbly and results in a highly recommended listen.

You can listen to and buy the EP here. It is also available as a 7 Inch with a choice of three colours, which the material is most suited to.


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