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Wednesday, 6 May 2020

Stag - Electric Mistress

Seattle five piece, Stag offer up a splendid slice of 70s Rock with this six track mix of loose Classic Rock with Glam undertones. Loose is certainly the word, endearingly so, think Black Crowes if they were less Blues Rock headed and more fun.

There is a lot of Pop Rock around that it starting to feel like a classic 70s revival. Stag, however concentrate more on the fun than the the earnest. Out In The Open could even be Brit Pop and has some wonderful Fuzz and Brass to help it along.

Even though you can't help think of The Faces, there is far more to the band than that and despite all the fine arrangements, the focus is truly on Lead Singer, Steve Max, even when he gets all Roger Daltrey on Carousel.

There is a feeling that Stag can do it all if they wished, but they seem far more at home on the likes of Pied Piper Blues and its good time boy feel. They are even more interesting though when they head off that path. Some Kinda Something is a fine closer and Electric Mistress, the title track, is very much in Chinn And Chapman territory. The album is a great 20 minute listen that warrants constant replaying.

You can listen to and buy the album here.


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