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Monday, 10 May 2021

Tamar Berk - The Restless Dreams of Youth


I've long realised that one of I Don't Hear A Single's weaknesses is the coverage that female vocalists get. It isn't misogyny or some boys club thing. I believe and hope it is largely due to the circles I move in. I listen to a lot of music that I uncover or get sent and sadly most of the female lead stuff falls into two categories that don't appeal.

There are shouty noisy guitar led albums or the twee breathless nonsense that seems to have taken over TV Adverts. So when I hear something that really grips me, I have to shout it out and Tamar Berk is a fantastic singer songwriter in the classic mould that we used to hear a lot of, but now hear little.

There is a real lyrical depth to her songwriting. She's lived a life and tells you about it clearly and wonderfully. There is a real story telling feel to her writing, matched with an instrumental variety and a vocal that just makes you listen. 

She's equally at home with a performance that is so Brit Pop such as Better Off Meditating or as moody as Cleveland. Shadow Clues is a wonderful example of what Berk is ace at, a song that is very Beth Orton like. The frustration in the lyrics just grips you, you just think talk to her will you?

Red Ball is a splendid affair, an Indie College Rock affair that includes a Country Guitar Riff and In The Wild has a similar Country vibe, but is much more Aimee Mann. If you want moody, there's Suitcase & Gun, if you want something more jaunty try Skipping The Cracks.

The real gem here is Heavy & Abusive, a personal cry out of a song that is just outstanding. Tamar Berk has created an absolute masterpiece. A lesson for all singer songwriters. I feel like I've read a book, whilst being enchanted by a wonderful album.

You can listen to and buy the album here.



  1. I love this! I suggest though that it isn't as hard to find worthy rock by women as you think. Try Oceanator and Las Melenas and the Beths, all on bandcamp.

  2. Thanks for your comment. I am a bit surprised this is the first such comment regarding female artists. I didn't say there weren't any. I explained the reason why I don't cover so many as a submission and musical circle thing. I also apologised for it.

    I'd like to spend all day on Bandcamp, but with over 100 album submissions a day and a real life job, I've more than enough to keep me busy.

    I don't know the first two that you mention, but I will go and listen. I don't like The Beths, I know many that do.