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Wednesday, 26 May 2021

Mark & The Clouds - Waves


I love what Marco Magnani does. Mark & The Clouds are a trio that master Psych Pop that veers heavily towards Pop. For their third album that reputation is enhanced. The general feel is still very trippy UFO club, but on the slower numbers, they venture into Prog and Classic Rock.

Free Me Now is very Moody Blues, Promised Land is a delightful song that verges on Easy Listening and includes a cracking Brass interlude. Heavy Drops Of Rain could be something from the Manchester to Brit Pop interlude. It really is a corker.

Devotees will want plenty of the gentle Psych Pop that the trio are noted for and there's plenty here with the likes of You And Me In Space and Heavy Drops Of Rain. But Waves contains far more variation. The Brass Arrangements are wonderful and at times unexpected.

Winter Song is almost Folk. You Wanna Put Me Down is a classic slice of UK Beat and No One Makes A Sound heads for 70's Pop Rock territory. You could imagine Peace Not Religion on an Al Stewart album. The Same Old Dream is very Modern Prog.

The obligatory big closer is present and wow what a finish. Somebody Else is a mind blowing Psych offering demonstrating what Mark And The Clouds are best at. The instrumental last couple of minutes is the reason that I love Psych Pop. Truly wonderful!

I would have been more than happy with 15 songs of Psych Pop and there is a lot of Pop here. But there are so many surprises on offer that Waves caught me unaware. If you've always felt that the genre is all backward guitar and flower power solos, then take a chance with this splendid listen.

You can listen to and buy the album here. You can find out more about Mark & The Clouds here.


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  1. Thanks Don Valentine for the amazing review! We love it