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Monday, 31 May 2021

Kevin Robertson - Sundown's End


A combination of two of my favourite labels, Futureman and Subjangle bring Kevin Robertson's debut solo album to the table. The leader of The Vapour Trails gets the opportunity to poke his nose into other genres, which he does incredibly well.

However, I'd also make the point that The Vapour Trails' reputation for Glasgow West Coast Jangle is a bit of misdirection. True, the band do that incredibly well, but listening to their output, particularly Golden Sunshine, the variation is already there. 

It can be said though that this is taken further by Robertson in solo mode. Big Old Town is all Hollywood Easy Listening Pop Rock, Settle Down is somewhere between Americana and Country and Could It Be is very very Gerry Rafferty.

See How We Love is all Celtic moodiness and Telepathic Minds is wonderful late 60's UK Psych Pop. This is taken a step further with the jaunt into White Album Harrison space with the hippy trippy closer, Yesterday's Reign. A venture that made these old eyes light up.

Into The Black jangles, but in a harmonic laid back way. Indeed, the only song that sounds like The Vapour Trails' supposed template is Love's Blue Yonder. Special mention has to be made for the splendid Silicone Sun when Robertson chirps up a Pavement vibe and develops a rocking croak.

I'm not sure if Kevin has just got all the song ideas that didn't fit The Vapour Trails or that this is where the future lies. If the latter, I'd happily go with that because if I had to choose, which I don't, I would go more in this direction. This is an album that reveals great talent. Highly Recommended!

You can listen to and buy the album here.


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