Friday, 16 August 2019

I Don't Hear A Single Audio Extravaganza Volume 77

After all the misty eyes remembering the better bit of Brit Pop last time, we return to normality with Volume 77. We look to regain our Mixcloud Global Indie  Chart spot and with that in mind, the extra week's prep has helped enormously.

It's a monster set this time round. 24 Extra-ordinarily fine selections. The playlist is below and will also be in the comments section of the Mixcloud page. It's never about us, but please like or favourite Volume 77. Remember we use Mixcloud because Royalties are paid to artists, not to us.

You can listen to the previous IDHAS Audio Extravaganzas on Mixcloud here.

Thanks as always to Jim for his technical excellence.

01  Fangclub - Nightmare
02  The Junior League - Have Faith In Yourself
03  Sundial Symphony - Merri Goes Round
04  Escondido - Crush On Her
05  Out Of My Hair - Safe Boy
06  Spinn - Believe It Or Not
07  Jordan Jones - Rumors Girls
08  The Anderson Council (With Peter Noone) - Mrs Kirkbys Refrigerator
09  The Lunar Laugh - Welcome To The World
10  Cagework - 23
11  Young Guv - Roll With Me
12  The Mommyheads - Mutual Enemy
13  Only Shadows - Cowboys
14  Erk - Taking My Time
15  Papernut Cambridge - Buckminster Fullerene
16  The Successful Failures - No White Knight In Knoxville
17  Local Drags - Plot Holes
18  The Pop Cycle - Part Of The Crowd
19  The Vicious Cycles - Life Insurance
20  The Vapour Trails - Godspeed It
21  The Galileo 7 - Too Late
22  Ryan Soanes - Hot Girls
23  Råttanson - Small Venue Concerts
24  William Wesley Bullock - Losing The Thread

IDHAS Volume 77 Mixcloud Link 

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