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Sunday, 11 August 2019

The Taylor Machine - Hometown Advantage

The Taylor Machine are a quartet from Tulsa, no 24 Hours puns please, and their second album, Hometown Advantage is now available to the world. The Multi Vocalists make them hard to pin down, but there is no doubt that this is great Pop.

There is nothing complex about these 12 songs. there isn't meant to be, there is great variety though. Hometown Advantage is an incredibly upbeat album and with the world melee and weather that surrounds me presently, this is exactly what is needed,

Comparisons are many, I keep thinking of The Rubinoos, particularly on Kassandra. At times, the album has a comic strip vibe or even a late 50's Teen movie vibe. Haven't said that you can also hear the twee of Glasgow 80's Pop and Lloyd Cole, but I do keep coming back to The Rubinoos.

The arrangements are simple, but change direction easily and there are some fine vocal harmonies. Punching Bag could be They Might Be Giants, there's a surf feeling on Music Is Magic. Tropical on Lover Not Love.

The album works best when the band stretch out, Punching Bag is suitably noisier, yet Sara is a corking song and has an infectious drawl. The Taylor Machine have fashioned up a fine uncomplicated pop album. The gentle arrangements won't suit all, but they bloody well should do.

The album is available everywhere. You can listen to the album here.



  1. Hey! I was a guitarist/singer on the album! Thanks for taking the time to listen to us and put your thoughts on there! Appreciate it! I do love They Might Be Giants - I haven't heard of the The Rubinoos but I'm definitely gonna check them out! Thanks again for the review, really cool to see this out there!

  2. My pleasure. It's a great album and please do listen to The Rubinoos. New album of theirs out very soon on Omnivore.