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Thursday, 29 August 2019

I Do Hear A Single

Well it would appear to be over two and a half years since I've done one of these. Time Flies Blah Blah etc etc. So I'd better crack on.

Roi - Dormouse Records

Released on Sydney's wonderful eclectic label, Metal Postcard, Roi are the latest project from Brian Bordello and with son, Dan Shea on board, this is essentially two thirds of The Bordellos with John McCarthy. 

This results in a cross between Half Man Half Biscuit and lo-fi Kraut Rock. Bordello's minimal production hides what a lyrical genius he is. There's a self depreciating wit amongst the clever puns that gets missed at times.

John McCarthy makes this different to what you've heard from The Bordellos. His keyboard and electronic additions bring the Kraut Rock feel. This isn't a singalong affair, but is an extraordinary listen. B Side, Straight Outta Southport is suitably broody and inventive.

You can listen to and buy the single here.

Sundial Symphony - Merri Goes Round

If you've not been following the Big Stir Weekly Digital Singles, where have you been? An A and B Side per week for a dollar a time is the best value in the supermarket today. Robbie Rist and Don Frankel reform to offer up their single.

Performing two songs written by future author, Paul Levinson, who Frankel recorded with, the single is a revelation. Merri Goes Round is a splendid slice of late 60's Psych Pop. B Side Looking For Sunsets has a verse that could be Russell Mael and a chorus that could be The Seekers. Both are fine songs.

There is an upcoming IDHAS feature on the Big Stir Digital Single series for the upcoming third volume on CD.

You can listen to and buy this and the other singles here.

The Glad Machine - Virginia 

Northampton MA quartet, The Glad Machine return with the crunching Power Pop that you'd expect, proving that last year's superb album wasn't a flash in the pan. You can read my review of the self titled album here

Virginia is an urgent melodic joy, again there is much in common with Cheap Trick, even the Guitar solo. The chorus even has hints of Muse. I can't wait for the resulting album. There's also credit to Wayne from Icecream Powerpopman for debuting this single on his excellent annual compilation. 

You can listen to and download the single, free of charge, here.

Ryan Soanes - Hot Girl

This is the second time in a couple of weeks that I've been singing the praise of Norfolk based artists. I do have a penchant for Pop Punk, particularly when it's done well and this Ryan Soanes single does it incredibly well.

Hot Girls is a cross between a male Avril Lavigne and the likes of Busted. You can just imagine Butch Walker producing it, as long as he leaves those bloody hand claps at home. This is very American sounding, but isn't most Pop Punk? I can't wait to hear more with next month's full album.

You can listen to the single here and buy it everywhere.


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