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Monday, 9 December 2019

Tuff Sunshine - Dig Deeper, Peanut

New York's Tuff Sunshine offer up a splendidly laid back affair. The feel is very Seventies, conjuring up images of Glam Rock, the fine Mid 70's Pop Rock UK groups and venturing into Funk and even New Wave. The whole album seems to grab you in a hypnotic way.

Dig Deeper, Peanut is very different to most of what I've heard this year. It's quaintly old fashioned, but surprisingly original. Arrangements are wonderfully surprising and unexpected, plus it is great to hear the drums up front. The drum sound is a constant complaint of mine over the past couple of years.

The title track is pure Shaft like funk, yet feels very Mungo Jerry. Yet, Mask Away is melancholic Southern Rock. There's also a splendid diversion when Ani Cordero takes over vocals on Buttercup, which is a great upbeat pop song.

Sleepwalking again is very 70's Movie Soundtrack funk, but the overall impression is 70's UK, bands such as Smokie at times. The stand out We Seal Every Deal With A Kiss is a great example of this. It is definitely the stand out song.

It's the mix of Glam and Funk that makes Dig Deeper, Peanut so special. It hits a vibe that stays through the whole 35 minutes. This is definitely an album to listen to start to finish. It will you Rock You, but gently. Tuff Sunshine provides comfort on dark evenings.

I've listened to albums that shout out at you for most of the year and so this is so welcome. It's like a comfortable blanket wrapping itself around you. This is a warm easy listen and for that reason, it will be a fine addition to your collection.

You can listen to and buy the album here.


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