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Tuesday, 10 December 2019

The Rallies - Upside Down

We are back in more familiar territory with Washington State's The Rallies. Upside Down provides Wonderful Pop across these 10 songs. 2017's debut album, Serve is a fine album, but Upside Down takes this on a pace. There is nothing sophomore (that dreadful word!) about it.

The songs seem more focused, the craft honed and in vocalist Steve Davis, the band have a modern day. Neil Finn. The choruses are singalong, the jangle count is high and all the necessary prerequisites for a great Pop album are present.

Upside Down feels very Glasgow when it jangles, yet very 70's Pop Rock when it steps back. It will get lumped in with the McCartney Pop catch all, but that would denigrate the variety and song strength that shines through.

Brand New reminds me of the likes of The Vapour Trails, the moodier Merseybeat of In Everything works just as well, it is almost a torch song. All Of Us is as close to Badfinger as you'll get and All Over Town is in definite Teenage Fanclub land.

If You Do is the one real Power Pop song, everything else is wonderfully written Pop. The stand out song is It's Okay, it is an addictive joy that threatens to break out, but settles on a great guitar solo, all very Crowded House.

Don't expect to get your air guitar out for Upside Down, it's very much a sit down and sing out affair. It hasn't been a big year for stand out albums of this nature, this certainly is one of the best.

You can listen to and buy the album here.


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