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Monday, 16 December 2019

Hey Major - The Station

I'm 56 (I know it is hard to believe) and I have a few problems with music fans of a similar vintage. I'm not gonna go through them here, many of you will see them in my adventures on Facebook. I'll just approach the subject of one here and that is the constant griping that the young don't make great music.

Put aside your prejudices, because there is some fine music out there. Just accept that da kidz are not all about algorithms and likes and turning up the Bass. realise that new music will be by new artists who are unlikely to be 56. Give youth a try, you never know, you might just like it.

Hey Major are two Canadian Brothers, Mickael and Raphael Fortin. Both are multi instrumentalists and The Station is unashamedly Commercial Pop. This debut album aims at multiple targets and not all of it will appeal to all, it can come across a bit K-Tel 20 Poptastic Hits. But in a way that's the beauty of what is on offer, because there is something for everyone.

There's a lot of Brit Pop here and it is that appeals to me most. Old Enough is an absolute cracker of a song, as good as anything you will hear this year, it is top class Pop Rock. The title track, The Station is hypnotic and Brother is a wonderful soaring piano led ballad.

Connie is another fine piano led ballad and the big soundscape closer, Smoke And Mirrors, has an eastern undertone that catches you by surprise. There's a bit of boy band pop present that may not suit all, but overall The Station is a fine debut album and well worth your attention.

You can listen to and buy the album here. The album is also available on the streaming links contained here. 


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