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Tuesday, 13 September 2022

Affiliate Links - Enough Light


Ontario's Bradley Davis has spent the last decade in the Post Rock excellence of Fresh Snow, so maybe the last thing that you'd expect is the sound of his debut as Affiliate Links. Far from being the Instrumental Sound of Hamilton, Enough Light is more the sound of Indie Glasgow.

This is jaunty Dream Pop at times, think Daniel Wylie or Stephen Duffy and when the pace picks up, it gets very Lilac Time and a little Lightning Seeds. Lyrically , but you may not always notice that due to the sheer joy of the musical arrangements. 

The likes of Recovery Position and Baby's Changing even edge towards Pastoral Psych Pop, even Toytown in the arrangements. Yet Dedicated Organ hints at being a torch song that could be sung by the likes of Marc Almond until the summer Guitar solo.

Despite the base of Dream Pop, the urgency, almost waywardness and fuzz of Walk On Water is a real pleasant surprise. Then there is a completely different feel to the magnificently moody melancholy of  both A Message From Mary and A Message To Anthony which open and close the album respectively.

Hudson News is poptastic and Vestigal Stubs is absolutely hypnotic. Blank Banners is Indie Guitar excellence of the highest order. I really can't express enough how the variety and sound of the album caught me completely by surprise/

The song arrangements and instrumentation are outstanding and the such thought has been put into words that are almost poetry. There is such an array of different musical styles and direction without there ever being a distraction from the quality on show. Highly Recommended as a phrase doesn't do Enough Light Justice,

You can listen to and buy the album here


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