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Sunday, 25 September 2022

More Kicks - Punch Drunk


More Kicks' debut album was great. A great example of UK New Wave Power Pop, with a side order of the Mod Pop from the late 70s. The London Trio take on a much wider remit for the follow up and it works in an outstanding way.

Animal may be the Single of the year and it loses none of its grip no matter how often you play it and what accompanies it here may be even better. There is even more power and more cohesion from the three. They just seem to want to show you the full scope of what they can do and then leave you wanting more. 

In Love is throbbing Garage Rock and yet Come Home is like a rocked up update of Merseybeat. Phoney Middle Aged Art is stripped down and short, a slower affair that you sense wants to speed up and by The Replacements.

Terminal Love is very Squeeze like, wonderfully so. Rest Of Our Lives is especially DIY, Bass Driven and urgent with a Pete Shelley like delivery. Seven Ways is a cross between Punk and Canvey Island R & B. Goodnight Goodnight is like something from a 70s Pop Rock album, Moody Blues even sentiment wise.

My personal favourite is the marvellous Colour Me Stupified which comes across as a lost Brit Pop Classic. It just underlines how all encompassing these 12 songs are. You can imagine how well they translate live.

The biggest pleasure is that it is British. The UK scene at the moment is all a bit tumbleweed and very regional. There seems like a real music fan apathy that otherwhelms everything. More Kicks demonstrate that there is hope and they've gone through the door and left it ajar. Who dares to follow them?

You can listen to and buy the album here..


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