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Sunday 11 September 2022

Steve Robinson & Ed Woltil - Shadow Play


Last year Steve Robinson released an absolute gem of an album, Swallowing The Sun. The album made the IDHAS Best Of Year and was one of the most popular reviews of 2021. For someone with a reputation as a Folkie, it was a wonderful poptastic surprise. 

The review can be read here. Previously in 2015, a year before I Don't Here A Single began, Steve had released an album with Ed Woltil, Cycle and that was similarly wonderful. Shadow Play is the follow up to that debut album and it is a joyful listen.

This is a heads up really as I've been fortunate to have a pre-release and the album is only released on 21 October. I don't generally like to review albums too early and usually when there are links up to direct readers to one or two songs.

Shadow Play is splendid pastoral melodic guitar pop. The quality is very high. Just as on Swallowing The Sun, Dave Gregory guests on two songs and his playing is as magnificent as ever. There will be a full review nearer the time, so look out for that.

You can read about the duo on their Facebook page @steverobinsonandedwoltil  You can listen to Cycle, the first album here. Steve Robinson's Bandcamp Site can be found here. Ed Woltil's Bandcamp page can be found here.



  1. Don, thanks so much your kind words; very much appreciated. We independent artists are lucky to have you in our corner. Cheers!
    Steve R.

  2. Don,
    thanks so much for your kind words and support. We independents are truly lucky to have you in our corner. Cheers!
    Steve R.

  3. I too have had an early listen and it's a real gem. Melodies for days and yes, pitch perfect pastoral pop production. It's gonna be a real treat for many people and I look forward to enjoying the eventual flood of great reviews.