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Monday 5 September 2022

Day Wave - Pastlife


Day Wave is the solo project of Los Angeles's Jackson Phillips. It has been five years since The Days We Have and not too much has changed. Pastlife's core is Dream Pop, at its best when it gets chipper. The vocal is a little like Michael Collins's The Summer Holiday, without the soaring choruses.

This is all pleasant stuff and if you like Dream Pop, you'll find this sort of thing that you like. The album is at its best when it deviates from the template. See You When The End's near benefits from the addition of KennyHoopla who takes the song into a completely different direction.

The title track is great jaunty Glasgow Pop and Before We Knew is built on a great riff and chorus. Great Exceptions is a gentle atmospheric gem and Heart To Rest as a splendid twang. The stand out song is probably Blue.

Blue is moody and magnificent, it creeps along slowly sucking you in. It is great pastoral Psych Pop, not a million miles from The Orgone Box. There is a lot to like here without the album ever really blowing your socks off.

You can find out more about Day Wave here.


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