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Tuesday, 27 September 2022

The Airport 77s - We Realize You Have A Choice


This is Power Pop and unashamedly so. The Maryland Trio's debut album, Rotation, was one of the most read reviews of last year, great fun and wit and their follow up, their first for Jem Records builds on the strength of that debut. You can read the IDHAS review of Rotation here,

The move to Jem will hopefully give them a much wider audience and they deserve that. Power Pop sometimes takes itself way too seriously and here, the band demonstrate what the genre should be about. Hooks, Riffs and choruses of course, but essentially offering up a feel good factor.

On We Realize You Have A Choice, the trio stretch out, underlining that at heart they are a fine trio. These boys can play, building on their rhythm section excellence with some splendid Guitar Solos courtesy of Andy Sullivan.

There is variety too. The Illustrated Book Of Cupid is a wonderful example of UK Glam Rock and The Way She Moves has a real rock out urgency with a killer riff. Honey Don't even has a Bluesy feel. Since The Circus Left Town compares to the great Pop Rock bands of the 70s, even heads towards Classic Rock.

It is the Power Pop that they are best known for though. The likes of One Good Thing About Summer, Alone Together and Losers Win underline that strength. There is also a cracking bass line on All Torn Up Over Tina which edges towards late 50s Rock and Roll. 

The Airport 77s show hidden depths on their second album. The trio of Andy Sullivan, Chuck Dolan and John Kelly provide fine melodic songs and reveal a real sense of humour in the lyrics.The album reveals the joy of Power Pop without ever been static in direction.

You can buy the album everywhere. The Release date is this Friday.


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