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Thursday, 1 September 2022

I Don't Hear A Single Is Considering Expanding


I Don't Hear A Single is considering Branching Out. I have long been frustrated with the way new artists are treated promotion wise and wanted to do something about it. I've helped out with occasional artists and its been fairly successful as a favour and of course I help out at Big Stir. But I have a limited amount of time spare with real life work and I Don't Hear A Single as it is grows and grows.

Too many artists use pluggers and promoters who just use a scattergun approach to and think success is getting plays on the many Internet Radio Stations around. I have a lot of contacts and goodwill and would like to utilise this. Artists would be carefully selected so I know that I would be able to make a difference and I wouldn't be dealing with loads of them, again it would be quality rather than quantity.

I may have to make a small charge to be able to make it work financially, but that will be subsidised and as little as possible. Artists would not get a list of 100 stations that I had emailed, it would be targeted and look to build an artist's profile and reach and finances. 

This is all partly in progress, but I do need help and have recently submitted an Arts Council Grant for funding and the reaction to this has been really positive. But that could be used only for UK artists and so I need to look at funding of non UK artists. 

I also need to make the time for this as I have no plans of ending I Don't Hear A Single in its current form, why would I?, it does what it has always intended to do. I would open this up as a stand alone sister site to IDHAS and artists promoted would not be reviewed on I Don't Hear A Single to keep that independent and as free as always.

Like most musicians, I have a real life job, but I am at an age where I can move to 4 days a week and eventually to 3. However if there are like minded individuals, companies or labels who would like to sponsor the new place, contribute or provide other support, I would love to talk to you.

I have been asked many times if IDHAS could be sponsored or take adverts. I have always said and continue to say No. It is essential that the Review Blog stays independent and there is nothing more irritating than constant pop up ads.

The aim is for the promotion part to eventually become a label and that has always been my wish. I am forever on the side of the musician and have only retired my soapboxing over the past year because I felt people had stopped listening because it always seem to be me without backup.

The idea is beyond the planning state and now on the funding and business plan road. It may not happen if I can't make it work financially. But it will start in some form, even if it is me just working with a few artists free of charge as time allows.

More Details as this progresses or proves unsuccessful as time moves on.



  1. Sounds great . I'm currently working on 4 new songs that I can send you.

  2. Good luck with this. It is certainly a service that I, and many others, would both welcome and benefit from.