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Saturday, 3 September 2022

Cowboy Curtys - Commotions


Proof that I don't know everything, no really honestly, is that I don't know that much Cowboy Curtys. I know that they are led by Josh Parsons who recorded the album with a set of Atalanta musicians, one of whom is Drew Beskin, an IDHAS favourite.

Beskin's 2020 solo album Problematic For The People was in our Best Of Year and remains a favourite. Beskin also co-produces the album with Parsons as well as being a key part of the band. I suspect that this is essentially a solo project and the band name denotes those involved who helped out. I may be wrong and I will find out more.

Commotions, however, is a splendid debut album. Described as Garage-Psych, it is actually a smorgasbord of sounds. There are plenty hints of Country, particularly on the magnificently chaotic, Derailed Train. Yet the Guitar sound is ace and does lean on Psych at times.

Parson's vocal is more like a storytelling talk or drawl and that works beautifully with the material on show. Yet Nantahala has a real twang. Practice Guns has the feel of a Desert Documentary  and could even appear on a Peaky Blinders Soundtrack.

Slow Strange is wonderful Psych. At times the songs sound stream of consciousness like, Jams even, but there is a real cohesive band sound. The Rhythm Section in particular hold everything together, there is some top notch Bass links. 

Cowboy Curtys do get commercial and the Indie Rock that shines out is equally fine. To Be Alone has a real Jangle and a great solo, Double Dang is built around a great riff and the Guitar breaks out big time. In Between is 90s Indie College Rock of the finest order. Don't expect big choruses, but do expect to be intrigued and on repeated listens you realise the depth and quality.

You can listen to the album here and via these links.


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