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Friday, 16 September 2022

IDHAS Ten Songs Mix 37

Welcome to the 37th Ten Song Mix. 33 minutes plus of aural excellence. Feels a bit Guitar Poppier than usual, but there are one or two songs that could never be accused of that. Ready to mither the five Mixcloud Global Charts that it qualifies for.

The Mixcloud link is below and at the foot of the page is the Mixcloud Player which takes you directly to the music. Thank you for your continued listening. The Mix is certainly more popular than we ever expected.

Here is the playlist of the ten songs this week :

01 More Kicks - Animal

02 Strange Neighbours - Whoa Is Me

03 Lannie Flowers - Where Did All The Fun Go

04 Steve Robinson And Ed Woltil - The Way You Love Him

05 On - Soul Killer

06 The Boys With The Perpetual Nervousness - Old Pictures Of Ourselves

07 Affiliate Links - Blank Banners

08 Elvis Eno - The Last Time I Saw You See You

09 Rinehearts - Powerlines

10 Futurebirds And Carl Broemel - Sinz & Frenz

IDHAS Ten Songs Mix 37


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