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Monday, 19 September 2022

Rogers & Butler - Brighter Day


Edward Rogers solo album, Catch A Cloud, was in the Top 20 in the IDHAS 2021 Best Of Year and still resonates. You can read the review here. I commented that you shouldn't expect big choruses on that album, the opposite applies here. 

Rogers second album with Steve Butler is an absolute gem. I'm a long term fan of both and in particular Smash Palace. Their voices are very different. Butler is very much in Ian Hunter territory, particularly Hunter's last three albums. 

The joining together works so well. For Rogers part, his pop sensibilities are far more to the fore, if anything he's lightened up, still writing the lyrics whilst Butler does the music. The harmonies also blend brilliantly, something maybe alien to two lead vocalists in their own ventures. 

Songs like The Sun Won't Show and Brighter Day are fine melody lead songs with catch all choruses, gently drawing you in. Oh Romeo is great Americana, yet Cabaret is a haunting ballad. A Brand New Tomorrow is a cracking slab of Psych Pop.

Marmalade Eyes is probably the stand out. Very late 60s Singer Songwriter in the verse, then exploding into an astounding chorus. A little folky, but you sense the Psych is bursting to get out. Last Reply runs it close though, a piano led McCartney Pop affair that would have fitted beautifully during Brit Pop. There's also a baroque pop arrangement on the edges.

Where Does The World Hide fairly bounds along with a great Twanging Riff demonstrating the strength of the union.  That is the strength of Brighter Day, Rogers and Butler suit each other perfectly and the result is a splendid album. 

You can listen to and buy the album here.


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