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Wednesday, 3 August 2016

All Hail Sugarbush!

As I try to get a nice mix of posts up here to show what the place is about, it seems a fair idea to feature some of the companies that I rate. I've mentioned before that there is no pay to play policy here, no outside influence, we post what we like.

I don't think I've admired a label as much as Sugarbush, since Not Lame. It's as though the releases have raided my music collection.

I first came across Markus from his involvement in Orgone Box related stuff. Ahhhhhhh Orgone Box, something of an obsession for me, don't get me started on the delights of Rick Corcoran's Psych Pop as I'll type forever.

Markus has been around as Sugarbush Records for over 25 years, mainly specialising in second hand records, but it's his more recent adventures as a record label that are far more exciting. The Sugarbush label specialise in limited vinyl runs of albums for those who appreciate great taste.

The albums are like a who's who of bands and artists that should be in collection. Albums that make you buy a turntable if you haven't got one.

Pugwash, The Dowling Poole, Green Pajamas, Chris Richards, Blue Ash, Nick Piunti, Dead Beat Poets and of course, my obsession Orgone Box are just some of the artists featured.

If you "don't hear a single" on too many albums that you buy, you will on all of these. Highly Recommended to all!

I'll put a few you tube examples below for the uninitiated. Most exciting is the Jackdaw4 Retrospectacles Double Album. Two albums dear to my heart, that ges played regularly at ASH Towers, in fact far more than regularly. If you are one of the many Dowling Poole fans, you should own this. The 8 x 8 album is fantastic too and who doesn't want Pugwash on vinyl?

You can find out more and buy Sugarbush Releases here. As I mentioned, these are very limited vinyl runs, so don't miss out.

I plan to do this sort of feature once a month. There's some great labels out there like Mega Dodo and Fruits De Mer as well as fine retaillers such as Kool-Kat.

In the meantime, here's five you tube clips to convince those who are not already convinced to head off to Sugarbush.

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