Sunday, 14 August 2016

Caddy - The Better End

I've been listening to a lot of Scandanavian music through the past week, no particular reason and no particular scene preference. There's been Folk, Prog and Death Metal (I did have a taste for the likes of Gehenna for a 12 month mindfest).

Power Pop wise, Sweden's strength is outstanding, must be something in the water. I am no Swedish Power Pop expert, but my great friend Nick Fletcher is, he's extremely knowledgeable in all things, but the directions he gives me to the Swedes are outstanding.

So with Scandanavia in my head, I should get around to Norway and Tomas Dahl's Caddy. I say get around, because I should have brought this album to the attention of all well before now. ASH Things, hearing etc got in the way, but these are crap excuses becvause the album is fantastic.

Dahl has been around for a bit, he was drummer and Bass Guitarist in The Yums Yums, a splendid underrated Norwegian Power Pop band, but it doesn't end with drums, because he's a one man band.

Tomas plays everything on the Caddy album and as a side note there is a real refreshing change with a one man album coming from someone who can drum, none of that awful programmed drum sound that you can get.

The Better End is a wonderful album. There's Teenage Fanclub comparisons and I know how boring they can be, but they are proper comparisons. There's a real jingle jangle to the album, almost Byrds like, but the harmonies give it far more.

If I had to make one real observation, Caddy remind me so much of Cosmic Rough Ryders.

Amongst all this jangle and melodic mellowness, there is a real gem of a song. People know how much I rattle on about Dom Mariani and Tommy Keene, well our Australian Power Pop God, Mr Mariani is on the No Sudden Moves and it's wonderful. That DM riff, well you know it's him without being told.

There's been an album before this, first as Go Slow and then as Electric Hero. I have this as a download, I'd love to be directed to a physical copy if anyone can help.

You can buy the The Better End on CD from Ray's excellent Kool Kat Musik here. There's also a great Blue Vinyl release from Sugarbush, which is how I choose to listen to the album. I think Markus has some copies left, you can check here.

Finally, I know many of you know of our Lurcher, Crash. He listens to a lot of music, most of it unwillingly. Whenever this album gets put on, he comes and sits by me, no higher recommendation.

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