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Wednesday 10 August 2016

The Junipers - Red Bouquet Fair

Leicester seems the centre of the universe at the moment and The Junipers are doing their bit to keep it that way. Their 2014 debut, Paint The Ground, but this follow up is even better. There's added depth and melody.

The mellow vibe is still there as is the vocal strength, but the arrangements add far more. It's classic Psych Pop but not stuck in that mode. There are times that they could be The Idle Race and yet others when they could be China Crisis and of course, Beatles comparisons spring far and wide.

Robyn Gibson's voice is a thing of beauty and everything seems aimed at enhancing that. It's one of those albums that you play all the way through.

You can buy the album for download or on CD here. The best way to listen to this though is on Vinyl and Sugarbush have released limited editions on Black or Red Vinyl. You can buy these from the Bandcamp site, but International Dwellers get free postage direct from Sugarbush.

The band celebrate the album's release with a show at The Musician in Leicester on Thursday 25th. The support is the wonderful, Duncan Maitland, well worth six quid of your money.

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