Tuesday, 9 August 2016

The Legal Matters - An Intro EP

The Legal Matters have released a Free EP on Noisetrade. Ignore the six dollar tip, the band would like you to download it and see what you are missing. You can find it here.

I know most of you will want to head off there now, so right click and you can continue to read about why I like this band and for those unconvinced souls, well you can then head off there after the read.

The Legal Matters 2014 self titled debut remains a regular play here. I didn't buy it on a whim, I liked what all three band members had done earlier and this seemed a marriage made in heaven plus I knew Nick Piunti had helped out.

Two of that fine album's songs are on the Free EP, namely The Legend Of Walter Wright and We Were Enemies. The album thrives on it's Beatlesque pop, like The Posies before Jon and Ken bought a load of keyboards, so in turn Big Star-ish.

You can still buy the album here

If you had to sum up where they fit though, it would be in Teenage Fanclub territory. Now I know, TFC comparisons are ten a penny, equal only to the new Jellyfish or XTC, but in this case it's true and to prove it, the third track is a splendid cover of Teenage Fanclub's Don't Look Back.

So what of the trio?

Well I loved Chris Richards And The Subtractions two albums, particularly 2013's Get Your La La's Out (and what a great title that is). You can still buy Chris's stuff here. The Hippodrome album is ace too.

Andy Reed has had a great solo career too from 2008's Fast Forward album onwards. Great melodic laid back pop. He was also in the latter day line up of The Verve Pipe. You can find more on Andy's offerings here. A great place to start is the recent An Introduction To album.

Last, but certainly not least, is Keith Klingensmith. Keith was in Hippodrome with Chris as well as the pair being the duo behind The Phenomenal Cats. Keith is also the man behind the wonderful Futureman Records label, at times, the saviour of Power Pop here.

I'm really looking forward to the upcoming Legal Matters' second album, released very soon on the Omnivore Label.

The fourth EP track is Anything, an exclusive from the upcoming Conrad album. You can keep in touch with released dates and all things The Legal Matters wise at their website here.

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