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Monday, 22 May 2017

The Garden Of Earthly Delights

Welcome to another Garden Of Earthly Delights, where we take four new, but very different albums, all equally excellent and tell you about them.

The Terminals - Antiseptic

New Zealand's The Terminals bring their particular brand of noise pop back into the public arena and how welcome it is. Although they are firmly linked with the Flying Nun scene from it's inception, they are very different to the jaunty pop established with the New Zealand scene. It's been ten years since Last Days Of The Sun and it's worth the wait.

For the uninitiated, imagine a cross between The Velvet Underground and Midnight Oil. Wonderfully inventive and very hypnotic. Early Eno like in it's keyboards, but Nicole Moffat's violin hammers home like a lead guitar.

You can buy the album here or here.

The Bopp - Power My Pop

The Bopp feature a revolving cast of musicians centred around Jessie Bordeaux. French Power Pop isn't a widely known phenomenon, but The Bopp certainly press all the right buttons reminding me of anything from the UK New Wave to Brit Pop. That takes in comparisons to The Knack, Rain Parade and C86.

Two things stand out. This is really melodic stuff and the organ runs are so Inspiral Carpets like. There's even ventures into Dr Feelgood lite and Glam Rock. Bordeaux's voice is a laid back swoon rather than a belt out and that makes Power My Pop even more interesting.

You can listen to and buy the album here.

Post War Glamour Girls - Swan Songs

Leeds foursome, Post War Glamour Girls have threatened to break through for a while. This is studio album number three since 2014 and you really feel they are getting there. They are one of the few of the new crop of bands that you could see holding a large venue's attention.

All their essential elements are still there. Hints of Psych, Goth, Post Punk and plenty of crunching guitar. The only thing I felt they needed was a bit more of a nod to mainstream rock and that's certainly showing on Swan Songs. The example I've chosen is Guiding Light, a sort of The Mission meets the first album of The Killers. This lot are certainly destined for bigger things.

You can listen to and buy the album here.

The Singing Skies - Head In The Trees, Heart On The Ground

The Singing Skies is the project led by Kell Derrig-Hall. You'd expect the moody Country Folk to come from the Mid West, not the haven of Guitar Pop that is Sydney. Derrig-Hall treads right into the territory of Chris Isaak, apt perhaps with Twin Peaks back in vogue.

You'd expect this sort of acoustic folk to get a bit dull after a while, but the arrangements are so strong and the atmosphere created so gripping that the whole album is a fine listen. Head In The Trees, Heart In The Ground is not the sort of album that I'd normally listen to. I'm so glad that I did.

You can listen to and buy the album here.

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