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Thursday 4 May 2017

The Lunar Laugh - Mama's Boy

If anyone ever wants to get on the Valentine Turntable, the easiest way is to offer up an album that sounds like it's Summer 1975. Oklahoma Trio. The Lunar Laugh, have done just that and Mama's Boy is a splendid affair.

It's a mixture of what was best in both the UK and US post Glam pre New Wave. The Acoustic songs remind you of singalongs on the porch, the Electric songs are much more UK. Everyone of these wonderfully crafted songs are reason to sing out loud.

This is excellent Pop Rock, think Andrew Gold, Mike Nesmith, Bread, Jigsaw, Pilot and John Miles with hints of Simon And Garfunkel, 10CC and ELO. Then unexpectedly you'll get a sax solo or a Country Rock breakout.

You can imagine the songs accompanying 70's American Sitcoms on being played on Mike Mansfield's Supersonic. The whole album is harmony and melody led, it reminds me a lot of a slightly more mellow version of The Connells.

The album is so well constructed and you sense there's far more to come from the band, perhaps a bit more of the rockier stuff. Certainly when the guitar solos break out, their are big hints of that. Mama's Boy will easily appeal to the Power Pop brigade, but also people who like Glen Campbell.

There's a definite summer delight to the album and this feel good factor makes it hard to select individual songs. Hopefully the three examples that I've embedded in this post, give you some indication of the overall joy of this highly enjoyable affair.

You can listen to and buy the album here.  The album lends itself particularly to Vinyl and You Are The Cosmos have a generously priced double offering of CD and Vinyl with the addition of an extra track on both. You can buy that here.

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