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Monday, 19 June 2017

Cayetana - New Kind of Normal

Philadelphia's Cayetana bring their second album to town and it's as great as the debut, Nervous Like Me. Don't expect sweet sugar coated Girl Pop because the trio rock. There's a real drive to the album, with some particularly ace Bass playing from Allegra Anka.

They remind me a lot of The Muffs, not that I'm saying Ronnie should get a dress. Am I Dead Yet sounds like a Factory Records Production but then gets all grunge. The driving Bass on Mesa is so Peter Hook.

Cayetana have been lumped in with the Pop Punk brigade and you know how the label irritates me. The only song anywhere near that perceived genre is Easy To Love. The admirable thing about this trio is that they can slow it all down well on the like of Too Old For This, Dust and Side Sleepers,.

Phonics Failed Like Me comes across a bit Avril Lavigne and New Kind Of Normal sounds much more like it when it strays into Garage Rock and perhaps they should do that more. However this is a fine album, all attitude and that Bass Playing is fab.

You can buy and listen to the album here.

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