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Friday, 23 June 2017

I Don't Hear A Single Radio Playlist

The first I Don't Hear A Single Broadcast has just finished. Repeated Tomorrow. All feedback welcome here or on the Blog Post. It is a work in progress and I'm happy to add spoken intros with a bit about the artist, but it would cut down the number of songs,

Plenty of new reviews to come over the weekend.

Here's this week's playlist.

01 The Ragamuffins - Oxygen
02 Boo Hewerdine - Satellite Town
03 Plasticsoul - My Heavy Soul
04 Caper Clowns - Pockets
05 Ulysses - Dirty Weekend
06 Ian McNabb - How She Moves.
07 Screamfeeder - Sonic Souvenirs
08 Octopus - Your Smile
09 Orgone Box - In The Right Hands
10 Ronnie D'Addario - Take In A Show
11 The Afternoons - Black Hearted Poster Boy
12 One Way Ticket - All Change
13 The Brigadier - Feels Like Something
14 The Smallest Creature - Vanity Vote
15 Brad Byrd - Highest Mountain
16 Papa Satch - Too Late Tomorrow
17 Bread & Butter - Stole This

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