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Friday, 30 June 2017

I Don't Hear A Single Radio : This Week's Playlist

The broadcast of IDHAS's second hoedown is tonight at 8pm UK Time, repeated at the same time tomorrow. You can get to it here.

I will be putting the first episode on here over the weekend for those that missed it. There's also plenty of new reviews coming over the weekend.

Look away now if you want to be surprised by this week's show.

The Sunset Spirit - To Have It All
The Runarounds - Falling In Love
Cliff Hillis - Never In A Million Years
Danny DeLaMatyr - Fade To Grey
The Dahlmans - Forever My Baby (Feat. Andy Shernoff)
Rob Martinez - Love Life
Everybody Else - Out All Night
Mark Morriss - Adventures
The Mono LPs - Cherry Red Lips
The Dangtrippers - Headhunter
Baz Francis - Standing On Your Shoulders
Purple Melon - Henry's Rocket
1881 - Not Quite As Good
Lannie Flowers Band - Kiss A Memory
Spygenius - (Rock and Roll Is An) Old Man's Game