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Saturday, 10 June 2017

The Brigadier - Wash Away The Day

We are still on the Welsh theme, although Matt Williams now lives in Devon. It is he, who is The Brigadier and he's building a growing reputation. Wash Away The Day is album Number Six and it's really good.

Wash Away The Day is very popcentric, but varied enough to spread it's wings to gather far more in. Sleep On It is wonderfully moody, a bass driven beat you could imagine Russell Mael singing, yet Keep Your Ego Down is like a jaunty Lloyd Cole.

Wash Away The Day is another jaunty joy. There's even a disco song with The King Of  The Dancefloor, which shouldn't work but does and the instrumental, Cabriolet, is so Trickster or John Miles.

I'm constantly reminded of Lloyd Cole on the slower numbers, no bad thing. There may be a tad too much moodiness. This is not a complaint, because a song like This Is The Lovesong is beautifully melodic. However the album is at it's best when the pop springs more and at 47 minutes, the album could have maybe lost a couple of the slower songs.

I'm not being critical because this is a wonderful album that excels when it's chirpy. I don't know why, but I'm constantly reminded of City Boy's Dinner At The Ritz. Songs like Wash Away The Joy and in particular, I Know You're The One For Me is a corker of a song.

Feels Like Something has one of those Jangly Pop riffs that you never get tired of hearing. I love the album and I'm sure that you will too. At 6 Dollars, it's a snip. Great harmonies, it now feels like Summer.

You can listen to and buy the album here.

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